The New Guillotine Generation


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LITHOTECH is always there for its customers to offer them the most cost-effective and efficient solutions. The result of this cooperation is immediately visible in the reduction of their production costs,

High Quality Machinery

Providing high quality products and services. Through research, development, innovation and the know-how we already possess

Technical Support

The company's technicians have extensive experience and are certified by the largest construction companies abroad, offering customers comprehensive technical services.

Professional machinery
high quality , state of the art




Drawer Welding Machines

Die Cutting and Foil

Heat shrinking

Carton sealing

Binding Banding

Duplo Dusense Sensory Coater Spot UV-lithotech
Duplo Dusense Sensory Coater Spot UV-lithotech


Shower Sensory Coater Spot UV

Spot UV

Create unique textured prints by adding Spot UV to your prints.

Innovate by offering quality, uniqueness, special applications and at the same time increase the profit of your business.

With the 2 cameras and the Duplo IRM program you have an accuracy of 0.2mm across the length and width of the paper.


GEMINI Die-Cutter Β3 (35×50)

cut and engrave easily and quickly
cards, stickers,

boxes, pop up, pop up boxes, labels

and many unique products